Benefits of Shiatsu during Pregnancy

Having a Shiatsu session, can give you the time and space to connect more deeply with yourself and the process of being pregnant. It can also help you establish a deep relationship with your baby early on.
Shiatsu re-balances your energy and will support your body in making the changes it needs to during pregnancy.

There are many conditions that arise during pregnancy which can be helped with Shiatsu. Some of these include: backache, tight shoulders and neck, pelvic discomfort or pains, abdominal compression, ribflair, sciatica, morning sickness, indigestion, oedema, constipation, cramps, restless legs, high blood pressure, breathlessness, anxiety, symphysis pubis pain and many more.

Shiatsu as preparation for labour

Having a series of Shiatsu sessions prior to labour can be beneficial on many levels. On a physical level Shiatsu encourages letting go of tension. On an emotional and mental level, Shiatsu encourages a calm and stable state of mind. Shiatsu can be helpful to set up the right energetic conditions for labour.

Benefits of Shiatsu Post-natally

Post-natally, the mother and baby can come for Shiatsu together. Home visits can be arranged for this.

Shiatsu can help you to integrate the experience of giving birth and it can help your baby recover from birth and adjust to the outside world.

On a physical level, Shiatsu can help the mother’s abdominal muscles regain energy and position and the guts to re-adjust their position in the abdomen. Nicola can also show you or help you revise abdominal and pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Shiatsu is also helpful with releasing tight shoulders and with supporting breastfeeding.

Nicola can teach the mother to massage the baby; this will support the development of the baby’s digestive, respiratory systems and their health in general. See baby massage classes.