Testimonials from Shiatsu receivers

I become more aware of my body, more relaxed and at ease. A few days after the session I feel more energised


I had heard of Shiatsu before I met Nicola but didn’t really have an understanding of the practice. However, I am always looking for ways to help manage chronic pain and the symptoms of a neurological condition that impacts life significantly. After my first few sessions I knew there was no going back. Each visit I feel reconnected with my body in a comfortable way, which is quite something to anyone who understands chronic pain and the fatigue that accompanies it. It helps release tension in body and mind and often helps me sleep better. I feel completely safe in Nicola’s hands.


I feel a tremendous relief from releasing tension and I feel contentment. On a physical level, it has strengthened me, specially my lower back and stomach. I feel more mentally balanced and emotionally calmer. I feel less tense and more courageous.


During a shiatsu session the primary thing that happens is that I can relax and completely let go, knowing that I am in good hands. After the session I feel a very different person, less stress and lighter in my body and ready to cope with life more easily. Emotionally I feel better about myself. I am more aware of my body, how it works and what I can do for myself in a more positive way- realising the physical and mental work in union.

J.J.- Hoxton Health Group

After a session I feel more relaxed and less pain. Shiatsu has helped me to sleep better and manage a very stressful period in my life better. Mentally and emotionally it has slowed me down, from being very frenetic as the pressures in my life increased.


In August I underwent major surgery. In the weeks and months after the operation Shiatsu helped my physical recovery; it seemed as if new energy would flow, gradually, into my body after each session. Shiatsu thus now became part of my rehabilitation and recovery programme, along with physiotherapy and meditation. As we moved into 2002, I moved on from rehabilitation to re-entry. My body was responding to treatment, and Shiatsu complemented the progress I was making with speaking and eating. Each session was relaxing, restorative and – it sounds silly- life-affirming.

G.T. -Battersea Cancer Resource Centre.