Dorking Aikido and Kenjutsu Dojo

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art founded by MasterMorihei Ueshiba. It is a practice of self-defence, which aims to harmonise and transform an attack. We practice defence against grips, strikes and punches.

The Kenjutsu ( sword form) we practice is called Kashima No Tachi, which is  an old Japanese tradition of swordmanship. We learn sword form with a partner and use wooden and bamboo sword for this.

Both Aikido and Kashima No Tachi are a training of body, mind and spirit and have many applications in everyday life.

Beginners are welcome and can join at any time of the year!

The only pre-requisite is that you come and watch a class first ( which is free of charge).

The Dojo was set up in March 1998 in Battersea (London) by Nicola Endicott. It moved to Dorking in 2007. Nicola has been studying Aikido since 1988 and is a 3rd Dan.

Weekly Classes for Adults and Teenagers

Monday (school term time only) 10am – 11.45am Dorking Sports Centre
Wednesdays (all year round) 7pm-9pm Westcott Reading Room

Monthly Classes for Children (5-12years)

Dates for next classes:

21st January 2019 4.15pm= 5.30pm Westcott Reading Room
18th February 2019 10.15am-11.30am Dorking Sports Centre
18th March 2019 4.15pm-5.30pm Westcott Reading Room

Dojo fees

Adult single class fee £15
Teenager single class fee £12
Child single class fee £8

Adult block of 5 lessons £55
Adult block of 10 lessons £100

Annual membership (this includes martial arts insurance)

Adult membership £30
Teenage membership £24
Child membership £18

What to wear

Beginners can wear a track suit or loose fitting clothes to start with; unless of course you happen to have a martial arts suit with a white belt, which would be ideal.

Once you have decided to practice regularly, you will be expected to buy yourself a martial art suit.

Click here to contact Nicola about Aikido and Kenjutsu classes